Self Respect & Self Worth

Never forget your self worth. Never lose your self respect to please anybody.

No matter how where you go, no matter how old you get, you’ll always cross paths with shitty guys. But there are different types of shitty guys:

  • Player / F***boy
    The players/f***boy’s are not that hard to detect. Typically, they are very charming, good at sweet talk, A++ at flirting. -Mind you, not all guys who are charming and sweet are players or f***boys-. They are all talk but no action. They’ll feed you everything you want to hear, they know exactly what girls want to hear. For example: saying you’re beautiful, you’re not like any other girl, saying that you’re perfect just the way you are – BUT you just met him. Rule of thumb to remember: anything he says, make sure to watch for his behavior and actions, if it doesn’t match the sweet words coming out of his mouth = player/f***boy. Typically, they will want to meet you/take you out on a date ASAP., prior to properly getting to know you. They will usually suggest “grabbing drinks” or meeting at a pub/bar as the first date/meeting. And will suggest late evening as the time to meet. (i.e. past 6/7pm). If you reply back saying either that, you don’t drink, or the time is too late for you and he doesn’t counter back asking what you would prefer and instead replies back anything along the lines of: “oh that’s too bad.” = player/f***boy.
  • Manipulator
    The manipulator can be a bit tricky to spot but not impossible. Typical signs include; playing the victim card, making you feel sorry for them, making you feel guilty/bad like you did or said something wrong, – pretty much tugging at your heart strings and playing with your emotions/sensitive side/sympathy.  It’s a red flag especially if he pulls this move too early on. Of course if you have been seeing the guy for awhile and he is opening up to you, that is different.
    Watch out for him making this move right when you meet him.
    Ex. “I haven’t had sex in 3 months..”  (seriously…)
  • The One Full of Bullshit
    By full of bullshit means, he talks a big game but doesn’t have any proof to back it up. He’s either full of lies, full of excuses, full of empty promises, and just full of himself.

They don’t deserve your time, your energy or even you telling them to take a hike. The minute I spot a player/f***boy, I don’t even bother continuing the conversation or even giving the satisfaction of me telling them off. I just “unmatch” or block & delete their number and on all social media platforms. The manipulators are kind of my favourite, because I can’t help but to laugh hysterically at them thinking that a shady move like that would work on me. They are also my favourites because I love calling them and their game plan out. Followed with; “unmatch” or block & delete. The one full of bullshit, if you do your proper background checks on them, you’ll know what is truth prior to him trying to tell you lies or exaggerate the truth, turning it into a lie. I typically give this type of guys 3 shots to tell the truth or to follow through with his words. Then he’s OUT.

To some, this may be perceived as harsh or too cut throat. I’ve been through way too many bad experiences with shitty guys, that I just got to the point where I said “Enough is enough.” I learned all the red flags and early signs, I know my self worth, and I have enough self respect to not waste my time or energy with any type of shitty guys listed above.

Never give somebody excuses for their bad behavior/treatment towards you. You deserve better then any of those guys and that type of treatment.

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♡Sassy MsHockeyTalk


Interview: Tips & Advice

You have just received a call from the company you have applied to, for an interview.


  • Do your research. Look up the company on the internet and learn what they are all about. (It will impress them when you show your knowledge on their company because that shows how much you want the job and how dedicated you are already). Re-read the job description and duties that you have applied for. This way, when they ask you questions, you’ll be able to answer the question better by knowing what the position you’re applying for entails.
  • Documents: copy of your resume, list of references and any supporting documents (i.e. certificates, etc) all in a blue or black folder.
  • Your look: (Females) – nails cut short, no nail polish or nude/clear nail polish, hair tied up in a mid ponytail, very minimum make up (no fake lashes, no eye shadow, no bright lipstick, no extreme contouring) Foundation, little bit of blush, light lip gloss, mascara/eyeliner is sufficient. Flat shoes over high heels, dress pants and a blazer over dress/skirt. No perfume. Dress to impress.

    (Male)- clean cut hair & beard (preferably clean shaven), no cologne, dress shirt with dress pants, dress shoes, and briefcase.

  • Show up 10 minutes prior to interview time. Being punctual and a little bit early is a lot better then being right on time.
  • Be confident, head held high, straight posture, smile, make good eye contact and speak with confident as well.
  • Try to avoid saying: uhm, mhmm, uh, so, well, like, etc
  • It’s a good idea to write down the typical and potential interview questions you may get thrown at and prepare your answers. Typical questions to expect: “What are your strengths & weakness?” / “Why are you interested in this position / working for our company?” / “Tell us about yourself?” / “Why did you leave your previous job / why are you looking to leave your current job?”
    Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers!
  • When shaking their hand, do not grip to hard or too softly. Firm grip shows your confidence but as well do not be aggressive.

I highly recommend having your interview outfit prepared the day before, and looking up where the location of the interview is, and planning your trip to get there. For example; your interview is tomorrow at 11am, you look up on google map and it tells you that it’ll take you approximately 30mins to get there (remember this is approximate time, consider traffic and accidents that can occur), you know it will take you 30-45mins to get ready. So, get up at 9am and get ready, leave the home at 10am and should arrive by 10:30am-10:45am which will give you the 15mins or so buffer time to stop by a bathroom to make sure you look presentable and arrive 10mins prior to 11am.

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Do not ask about pay during the interview. Wait until they ask “what are you looking for, salary wise?”. And answering this question is tricky, depending on the position you’re applying for, you don’t want to give a high number because that will make you look greedy. It is always better to low ball it and let the employer give you the appropriate amount. You do not want them to think you care more about the pay then the job and their company. TIP: most job postings will tell you the pay rate, if not, you can google it and see if the internet has information on at least the approximate pay for that type of job position.

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Any questions, leave a comment below! =) Happy to give advice and tips!

♡Sassy MsHockeyTalk