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What does that mean for you? For everybody, it’ll be something different.

  • To be rich
  • To get your dream job
  • To get a promotion at your current job
  • To achieve your dreams and goals

Such a simple word with broad and countless meanings behind it. When do you know you have gained success? Does it end when you have? Or is it something to achieve for but not obtainable because success is in your mindset?

To you, you haven’t achieved success. But to someone else, they may look at you and think you’re very successful. Either in your career or in life.

A positive, and ambitious mindset can lead you to many opportunities and open up many doors. The saying is: “you attract what you put out.” ( unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to love. More explanation to come in a different post.)

There is always, room to grow and develop yourself to do better and do more. I’ve never been the type that was happy being stuck in neutral. I’ve always wanted to keep climbing that ladder and one day, hit the tippy top. Sometimes you may find yourself, losing focus because you’re so focused on the end goal and not the journey. I have those moments. But soon remember, to enjoy the journey currently and trust in the path.

Nobody has the same journey or same end goal. But you can always learn something from everybody’s journey and their vision of an end goal.

What’s mine?

My end goal, is to leave a legacy behind. To become an inspiring & motivating role model to all.

My journey, is preparing me to become just that. Going through all sorts of life’s uncertainties and meeting variety of people, I’ve observed, and reacted accordingly. Learned from my mistakes and tried to do better the next time around. I’ve proven to many people I’ve met that, age is just a number. Just because I’m young doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t been through life’s s***. Does not mean I haven’t dealt with difficult times. I have met older people that find me, inspiring. That gives them hope that it will get better. Many who have met me also discover; to never judge a book by its cover. You don’t know somebody’s life based from what they look like. Being narrow minded, does not lead you to meet amazing people or to amazing places.

The best way to figure out what success means to you and what success looks like for you, is to figure out your purpose. Everybody has a purpose.

♡Sassy MsHockeyTalk


Interview: Tips & Advice

You have just received a call from the company you have applied to, for an interview.


  • Do your research. Look up the company on the internet and learn what they are all about. (It will impress them when you show your knowledge on their company because that shows how much you want the job and how dedicated you are already). Re-read the job description and duties that you have applied for. This way, when they ask you questions, you’ll be able to answer the question better by knowing what the position you’re applying for entails.
  • Documents: copy of your resume, list of references and any supporting documents (i.e. certificates, etc) all in a blue or black folder.
  • Your look: (Females) – nails cut short, no nail polish or nude/clear nail polish, hair tied up in a mid ponytail, very minimum make up (no fake lashes, no eye shadow, no bright lipstick, no extreme contouring) Foundation, little bit of blush, light lip gloss, mascara/eyeliner is sufficient. Flat shoes over high heels, dress pants and a blazer over dress/skirt. No perfume. Dress to impress.

    (Male)- clean cut hair & beard (preferably clean shaven), no cologne, dress shirt with dress pants, dress shoes, and briefcase.

  • Show up 10 minutes prior to interview time. Being punctual and a little bit early is a lot better then being right on time.
  • Be confident, head held high, straight posture, smile, make good eye contact and speak with confident as well.
  • Try to avoid saying: uhm, mhmm, uh, so, well, like, etc
  • It’s a good idea to write down the typical and potential interview questions you may get thrown at and prepare your answers. Typical questions to expect: “What are your strengths & weakness?” / “Why are you interested in this position / working for our company?” / “Tell us about yourself?” / “Why did you leave your previous job / why are you looking to leave your current job?”
    Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers!
  • When shaking their hand, do not grip to hard or too softly. Firm grip shows your confidence but as well do not be aggressive.

I highly recommend having your interview outfit prepared the day before, and looking up where the location of the interview is, and planning your trip to get there. For example; your interview is tomorrow at 11am, you look up on google map and it tells you that it’ll take you approximately 30mins to get there (remember this is approximate time, consider traffic and accidents that can occur), you know it will take you 30-45mins to get ready. So, get up at 9am and get ready, leave the home at 10am and should arrive by 10:30am-10:45am which will give you the 15mins or so buffer time to stop by a bathroom to make sure you look presentable and arrive 10mins prior to 11am.

Killer Interview Secrets!

Do not ask about pay during the interview. Wait until they ask “what are you looking for, salary wise?”. And answering this question is tricky, depending on the position you’re applying for, you don’t want to give a high number because that will make you look greedy. It is always better to low ball it and let the employer give you the appropriate amount. You do not want them to think you care more about the pay then the job and their company. TIP: most job postings will tell you the pay rate, if not, you can google it and see if the internet has information on at least the approximate pay for that type of job position.

Job Interview Guides

Any questions, leave a comment below! =) Happy to give advice and tips!

♡Sassy MsHockeyTalk

Get That Job!


Is there a job you saw posted online that you really want?
Thinking to yourself; “I’m not qualified. Not experiences enough. I shouldn’t even bother applying.”?

Let me be the first to tell you: You CAN Get That Job!

“You miss every opportunity that you don’t take.”

(Story Time!) 
I never went to college or university, mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted to study or do as a career. So, right after graduating high school, I just started working in the meanwhile and thought I’ll figure it out along the way. As I was working different jobs, I figured out what I like and didn’t like with each position and what I’m good at and not good at. I went from working at McDonalds (first job at 16 years old) to working part time as a cashier at Michaels to barista at a coffee shop, etc. And now, working full time at the best University in BC. How?
1) I knew what my strengths are, what I excel at, what I enjoy doing, and my potential.
2) I applied for job postings I saw online that I wanted or that interested me because it was a step up from my current job and I wanted to challenge myself but also grow as a person and worker.

Out of all the jobs I have applied for, more then 80% have called me to come in for an interview. And out of all those interviews only 1 turned me down and went with somebody else, the rest have hired me. Why?
1) My resume.
2) Interview skills.

I have had a lot of friends and colleagues that have asked me to review their resume and make edits for them. Another frequent question they always ask is: “Where do you find these job postings?”
1) Job postings are everywhere; Indeed, Craiglist, LinkedIn, and on company websites. For example, you want to work in a retail store selling clothes. Instead of just looking on the basic job posting sites, look up the website of your favourite retail store or the retail store you would like to work for and if you look at the bottom of the home page  (or sometimes at the top), you’ll find: Career button. (Majority of companies have a Career button on their website.)

2) Cover Letter and Resume writing.
Not all places will ask for a cover letter, most of the time they are optional. I choose to just submit my resume because I want my resume to speak for itself. From reviewing friends and colleagues resumes, I noticed a very common thing with all of them. It’s either too fancy or not easy to follow through from top to bottom. When I say too fancy, what I mean is: fonts are different colours, the usage of fancy fonts, resume page has decorations of some sorts on it, and it looks more like a poster advertisement then a resume. I created a template that follows what my resume looks like. As well, made notes at the bottom with tips and advice on creating a resume that stands out in the right kind of way: “I want to meet this person for an interview.” Resume Template
(Cover Letter Template that I follow and have used when it is required: Cover Letter Template )

Next Week: I will be covering topic of interview prep and skills. (Your resume can be impressive but more importantly, you have to be impressive & memorable)

Likes and Comments are greatly appreciated! ^_^

♡Sassy MsHockeyTalk


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