Get That Job!


Is there a job you saw posted online that you really want?
Thinking to yourself; “I’m not qualified. Not experiences enough. I shouldn’t even bother applying.”?

Let me be the first to tell you: You CAN Get That Job!

“You miss every opportunity that you don’t take.”

(Story Time!) 
I never went to college or university, mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted to study or do as a career. So, right after graduating high school, I just started working in the meanwhile and thought I’ll figure it out along the way. As I was working different jobs, I figured out what I like and didn’t like with each position and what I’m good at and not good at. I went from working at McDonalds (first job at 16 years old) to working part time as a cashier at Michaels to barista at a coffee shop, etc. And now, working full time at the best University in BC. How?
1) I knew what my strengths are, what I excel at, what I enjoy doing, and my potential.
2) I applied for job postings I saw online that I wanted or that interested me because it was a step up from my current job and I wanted to challenge myself but also grow as a person and worker.

Out of all the jobs I have applied for, more then 80% have called me to come in for an interview. And out of all those interviews only 1 turned me down and went with somebody else, the rest have hired me. Why?
1) My resume.
2) Interview skills.

I have had a lot of friends and colleagues that have asked me to review their resume and make edits for them. Another frequent question they always ask is: “Where do you find these job postings?”
1) Job postings are everywhere; Indeed, Craiglist, LinkedIn, and on company websites. For example, you want to work in a retail store selling clothes. Instead of just looking on the basic job posting sites, look up the website of your favourite retail store or the retail store you would like to work for and if you look at the bottom of the home page  (or sometimes at the top), you’ll find: Career button. (Majority of companies have a Career button on their website.)

2) Cover Letter and Resume writing.
Not all places will ask for a cover letter, most of the time they are optional. I choose to just submit my resume because I want my resume to speak for itself. From reviewing friends and colleagues resumes, I noticed a very common thing with all of them. It’s either too fancy or not easy to follow through from top to bottom. When I say too fancy, what I mean is: fonts are different colours, the usage of fancy fonts, resume page has decorations of some sorts on it, and it looks more like a poster advertisement then a resume. I created a template that follows what my resume looks like. As well, made notes at the bottom with tips and advice on creating a resume that stands out in the right kind of way: “I want to meet this person for an interview.” Resume Template
(Cover Letter Template that I follow and have used when it is required: Cover Letter Template )

Next Week: I will be covering topic of interview prep and skills. (Your resume can be impressive but more importantly, you have to be impressive & memorable)

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